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Born on 20th September, 1979, Sugam who hailed from Mangalbaaray, Morang, is a singer, composer, lyricist and music director and has congregated thousands of diehard fans through his popular songs like ‘Mero Sansar’, ‘Pheri Tyo Din’, ‘Samjhana Ma Naaau Timi’, ‘School Paathshala’ and many more. Such top peaking numbers have surely made his name stamped in the books of Nepali popular music. Recipient of many awards and felicitations, Sugam used to be heard on Sagarmatha community radio station but discontinued his position as a Radio Jockey in 2010.

This eventual transformation from a shy boy to extrovert adolescent also brought mutability in his areas of interest. He soon started to listen to Harish Mathema, Narayan Gopal, Bhakta Raj Acharya, Ambar Gurung, Nabin K Bhattrai, Sur Sudha, Sanjay Shrestha, Deep Shrestha and Sanjay Shrestha that made him appear in different school functions, gatherings, and fetes. Praises received at that time laid the foundation for his singing career.

Sugam spent his entire childhood in Biratnagar in his complete introversion. ‘I was very shy and never showed up on stage until my 8th standard. Slowly, I pushed myself into social gatherings more and started to wander in narrow to wide lanes and pathways of Biratnagar.’

He did his schooling from Suddhatha Sishu Sadan in Biratnagar. After completing his SLC, he moved to Kathmandu, the capital city Nepal to pursue his career as a professional singer in 2052 B.S.

He continued his higher education from RR Campus in intermediate. He enrolled in Tri Chandra College to pursue his academic qualification for Bachelor’s degree. He stayed with his brother Sunil Pokhrel that soon gave the birth of his desire to enter the world of professionalism. For this, he chose to record a song. He started to save his pocket money and at the same time, he befriended Sudin Pokhrel (DA 69) and the duo recorded their first composition ‘Ma Maaya Garchu’ but remained unreleased. ‘The song was poorest of all and so, we did not release it.’ The duo again recorded another song titled ‘Payera Timilai’ that remained unreleased following the unbalanced condition of their expectations. Believing about the lack of maturity in them, Sugam started to rehearse at home during the evening before planning for another attempt. Besides music, Sugam keeps himself busy in reading between the lines of poetry and novels written by Mahakavi Laxmi Prasad Devkota. Dhurba Chandra Gautam and many more.

Along with his studies, Sugam then learnt music with Sir CB Chettri for three years. This was the time when he joined Radio Sagarmatha as a Radio Jockey. Working as a Radio Program Presenter, he closely studied the business of music and its necessary facets. Nearly after 4 years, Sugam gave his third attempt and recorded the song ‘Mero Sansar’ on his own lyrics and compositions. Like ‘Mero Sansar’, another song ‘Pheri Tyo Din’ earned recognition both in Nepalese media and hearts of Nepali music lovers. His debut album ‘Shoonya’ hit the music stands and annexed pages of newspapers, tabloids, magazines through his name. Since then, his other albums like Highway, Sutra, and School Paathshala peaked the countdown charts. His name not only got limited in pop music scenario but also in Kollywood making him responsible towards background score and playback in many Nepali movies.

Interestingly, Sugam has always been releasing his studio albums in Dakshinkali Temple and offers a copy to the goddess.

Sugam quit the job as a Radio Program Presenter in 2010 to give his utmost time for music. His popular radio shows were ‘English by Radio’, ‘Naya Pusta’, ’Nava Ranga’ and others. He is now working for his another album ‘Shilanyas’ will be out soon.

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