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A Sagittarius born on 18 December, Sudip Gurung has a strong fan following and is presently living in the United Kingdom. Back in the days, he used to be shy of girls but now he can anyone and anything.

In the future Sudip pictures himself driving a red Ducati and passing through the chaotic Kalimati traffic, cops and girls selling vegetables going, "Oye, tyo keta lai her na, kasto makha pareko". If Sudip could turn into someone else for a day, he would love to be a traffic cop, stationed in Kalimati taking a break, sipping tea from Ilam, listening to Aastha's music and waiting for a red Ducati to pass by.

Sudip's ideal last meal would be anything with salmon or everyone's beloved dal bhat. When asked if he is still single, he replies, "Why don't you listen to my latest album Prayas and look out for clues?" So girls, go get the album and look for clues! He might just be single.

Sudip would normally be seen wearing a pair of good ol' jeans. "Buy a good pair and it ages with you," he explains. When questioned on who needs a fashion consultant in the Nepali music industry, he says, "The entire music industry needs a serious face lift – a genuine one." Coming from a stylish person, we advise them to take up the suggestion.

Lastly, Sudip would like to thank everyone for their support and says, "You know who you all are."

Source: WaveMag.com.np

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