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Santosh Sitaula, born in rural Kavre district of Nepal, had strong inclination towards music since his early childhood days. He was brought up in the middle class family and completed his secondary school in Kathmandu. In School days he was keen to participate in the musical competition so was actively engaged in the extra curricular activities. The interest in music lured him and alacrity to do something in the musical arena adhered his child psychology. Mr Sitaula was motivated by the awards and recognition received in the several functions and interschool competitions. Primary music classes in school proved beneficial for him through which he learned the basics. Contemporary school colleagues adored his singing ability.

He grew up to be good singer in his early teen age. He travelled to the United States for his undergraduate studies in 2002 .He had to struggle for a living and contribute more time in his studies but his inner soul was inviting him towards music fantasy. It is well said that “when there is a will there is a way” Santosh could not control his passion for music. In 2004 he started fulfilling his recording dreams in his own studio, started with some common pop music. He diverted his skills into semi Nepali R & B style songs.

Mr. Sitaula has been collaborating with Nephop artist since 2003. He has collaborated with almost all the popular names in Nephop field. His choruses are exclusive and evoke undiscovered adrenalin. His music gives a unique flavor enriched with the fusion of western and Nepalese genre so bound to mesmerize the listeners. Mr Sitaula had a little knowledge of instrumentation and despite of formal training on music, his work is unique in its kind. His music is a graceful work of imagination and creativity which is conspicuous and soothing in nature. He has an immense caliber of composing songs by virtue of its prototype. Mr Sitaula has the mighty potential and dedication which can extract from him more in the musical field in the coming days to come. His style and approach can revolutionize the Nepali music to a great pinnacle.

Source: SantoshSitaula.com

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