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Video | Timi Nai Bhana w/ The Elektrix

Profile | Sabin Rai

Sabin Rai is a good singer. He was born on February 5, 1974, in Dharan, which is in the eastern part of Nepal. He has a huge fan base in Nepal, India and the Nepalese diaspora abroad. He has somtimes been dubbed the Bryan Adams of Nepal due to his similar husky voice with the Canadian singer/songwriter. The song which catapulated him into overnight sensation is "Komal Tyo Timro". He regularly tours around the world including Hong Kong, UK, US and Canada. This gifted singer's very popular songs are Namuna, Aafno katha.

Unlike most of the popular musicians and singers of Nepal Sabin Rai did not start his career with certain band but started his solo career. Even though his first album did not create that wave in Nepali music field and was declaired flop his second album Sataha-1 created a big wave among the youth music lover of Nepal.

The songs Timro Naam stayed in top ten chart for many months and became a popular fm hit in valley as well as outside Kathmandu. With that the craze for sabin rai started in Nepal. Then his third album Sataha-2 was sucessful to that extend that he became one of the true icon of Nepali Music scenario. Ma sansar Jitne, kalo kalo Guransako pheda muni, samjhana etc are few of his hit songs.

Presently he is working on his forthcoming album from Taal Music and also busy in preparing for concerts in Bhutan, Dhankuta, Dhulabari, with mt 8848.

Source: Wikipedia.com & Facebook.com

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