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I, son of Balabhadra Kharel and Bishnu Sharma Kharel, was born on 5th November in Assam. I started developing my interest in songs and music right from my childhood, humming songs of different singer and listening to different kinds of music become my all time passion. After completing SLC from Himali Secondary School of Jhapa, I moved to Kathmandu for higher education.

I took my study and musical career side by side. I had a difficult time while managing it. Yet irrespective of the numerous constraints, my deep desire to make my debut in the musical world has finally materialized. My first solo venture was ‘Prapti’ and recently I have come up with my latest released fourth album ‘Prabeg’. I feel lucky to have got the support from renowned lyricists, music arrangers and musicians of this time.

I feel that music is a universal language, which has the capacity of binding anybody anywhere in its clutch. For me, music is not just a hobby or interest but is an integral part of my life too. Beside music, I work as a lecturer of science at Pyramid College and White Gold College.

I am happily married man. Because of my musical tour, I hardly get time to spend time with my family. Finally, I am grateful to all of my listeners and well wishers who supported me in making my dream come true. I am also grateful to all my family members, and friends. Thank you all for encouraging me and liking my music.

Source: Fursad.com (Pramod Kharel)

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