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Om Bikram Bista considers his musical talent as a precious gift from God. He has also gained inspiration for his musical success from his parents. Even though Bikram did not have formal training in music, he was able to move to a successful career. Bikram started his artistic performance as a young child dancing in Newari tunes and participating in dabalis of the past. His natural talent and confidence inspired him to compete in “All Nepal Music Competition” at the age of 10. He started his musical career with a Newari composition “Haya Haya Thoya Bacha”. At the age of 13, he was already beating drums and playing electric guitars, which was quite unique to that time.

In 2029 BS he started singing in radio Nepal which gave him an opportunity to deliver his music to a much broader audience. His first song was "Biteka Jiwan Mero,” soon five other songs followed. These were the very first pop songs that started a new chapter in the history of Nepali music. In spite of the lack of electronic media, absence of technology and attractive monetary compensations, Om continued his musical journey as a successful Nepali pop singer.

Though he is glad that the seeds he has sown have started to blossom, he has a grudge that the pop music today is more quantity oriented rather than quality. Because of the over-reliance on technology, individual talent sometimes gets lost. Sometimes musical arrangements overshadow unique qualities of individual artists.

Om’s musical carrier belongs to the same generation of Deep Shrestha, Udit Narayan, Madhu Chettri, Prakash Shrestha and Deepak Kharel. He admires Bacchu Kailash, Prem Dhoj and Narayan Gopal and other artists. Om received a plethora of both international and national awards, including Chinna Lata Puraskar from King Mahendra, 2002 Millenium award from late King Dipendra and Golden Kite Award in Malaysia to name a few. He has widely traveled and performed in countries such as Japan, Australia, China (Hongkong) and other. His contribution to Nepali pop music will be remembered forever.

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