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Profile | Nabin K Bhattarai

Nabin K Bhattarai is the eldest son of Mr. Kalyan Bhattarai and Mrs. Nirmala Bhattarai. He was born on March 14th,1974. His zodiac sign is Pisces and he is a lefty.

He entered into the musical field after his ISc, he formed a band named Steel Wheels with his friends, but as rest of the band members went abroad he continued as a solo singer.

Nabin strongly believes in astrology. ‘K’, in the middle of his full name is his lucky alphabet based on Ciro’s book of numbers. Apart from being a strong believer of astrology, Nabin has a clear-cut goal of becoming a mature musician someday.

He is whole-heartedly attending music classes at Kathmandu University. Nabin admires the beauty and power of nature. When the sun ducks behind the hills and darkness sets in , he loves to lie down underneath the open sky and watch the stars popping out. Nabin is essentially a lover of peace. He believes that neither wealth nor fame can out weight the blessing of peace. He loves being unnoticed and likes to lead a simple, carefree life. Nabin is a sensitive Piscean; he loves a caring and adoring company , anything harsh or impolite brings pain to heart. Sometimes having such a vulnerable heart is also beneficial because it is his tender heart that gave rise to such a heart touching music.

When not preoccupied with music related stuff, he loves watching movies (mostly comedy movies), playing video games (often with his sister), flying kites, playing with his pet dog "Mogambo", surfing the internet and painting.

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