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Sometime in 1996, four young Guys got together; which gave birth to a band called "KARMA".

Karma: "We are out to prove a point, not to anybody just to ourselves that we too exist". Sure, they have different ways to expressing themselves and the best way we can do that is through their music.

Constant dedication is one of the attributes they possess. Two to three years of strong struggle had made their dreams turn into reality. Album "Sahar Timro" (1999) got them almost everything. Fame hit them hard. They were amateurs who'd just gotten inside the nepali music industry. Frankly, they even didn't know what was going on. Cocky as age is, they missed or kicked each and every opportunity that came their way; honestly. "KARMA" was on the verge of breaking.

Anyways, they were just school students then, developing their music skills and learning day by day. Two of their members have to leave for further studies and it seems to be the end of "KARMA". Was "KARMA" to die?? They couldn't have to let it happen anyhow.

They got 3 new guys to help them keeping "KARMA" alive. Then, things started to happen. They got to know more people and at that precise moment they realized the importance of the "NEPALI CULTURE". This culture thing got them lucky. They experimented on combining their music with cultural music. This fusion created album "Hukka" which hit the streets with a bang, live concerts, countdown shows, radio and so on. They were having the time of their lives and things were superb.

They were "high" by the attention they got. The press, media, friends, and everything was happening all at once. They were living life in the fast lane. They were also nominated for various awards.

Commercially, they were content and this time they experimented on social causes. Here they discovered the other side of "KARMA". They know now the happiness one gets when one can be of help. Help to family, society or just plain simple help. FAME looked so faded from here.

On 2003, three guys left for personal reasons. As all of us know, Prashant has been with them from the beginning and then arrived Basu. The three of us released "SMS" on 2004. By that time fame was in good terms with them and they were seeing times like never before. But they had to fill the empty spaces. "KARMA" was incomplete.

Source: Karma.com.np

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