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Profile | Jabeek KC

Nick Name : Nick
Date of Birth : 14th of Oct
Birth Place : Setidovan-4, Syangja, Nepal
Zodiac Sign : Libra
Hobbies : Music, computer, movies
I Love : My family, my fans, my country and my music
I Trust : On God
Clothing : I prefer Casual, Jeans & T-shirt
Enjoy : Singing, hanging with computer
Drink : No
Sports : Football, Badminton
I'm afraid of : My life
I regret : Some mistakes that I had committed in past
I hate : Corruption, back bitters
Biggest Asset : My voice, my attitude
Fav. Color : Red, White, Black
Fav. Place : Pokhara, Dolpa
Fav. Food : Cooked by my mother
Fav. Actor : Tom Curse, Hritik Roshan, Rajesh Hamal
Fav. Actress : Jennifer Lopez, Rani Mukharji
Fav. Singer : Sonu Nigam, Anrique, Kunal
Nepalese Idol : Late Nrayan Gopal, Late Arun Thapa
Passion : Music
Necessity : Good Attitude
Bores me : Waiting someone alone
Touches me : Orphans
I believe In : My work
I have faith : In myself
In Future : Do something for Nation
Idea of romance : Gathering with friends
Vulnerable Instinct : Trusting very fast to anyone
Songs that I never get tired : All songs of MLTR, late Arun Lama, Sonu Nigam
Book I love to read : Love Story, Historical
Movie I was touched by : Lakhchey, Dil Chahata hai
Fascinating Spots : Pokhara, Dolpa
Breathtaking Moment : Watching my first music video
Bitter Moment : Many
Memorable Moment : When I saw my first music video
Embarrassing Moment : Don't want to recall
Idea of sleeping : 8 to 10 hours
Inspiration in my musical career : My friend "Vivek", My thulo Mum "Ramala"
Musical career : Started in 2006
First song recorded : Chatti Yo Chirera
First Album : Collection (Talent 4)
First Solo Album : Zero Kilometer
First Music Video : Aankha Bhari Anshu Kina

Source: Parichaya.com

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