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Since the starting of his career in this industry, he has been Hemant Rana well-known name among the music lovers. With his first debut album “Paap punya” in 2005, he’s got a kind of craze in the industry. It’s been almost eight month of “Laijare” in the market but still it’s in the hit chart. After the video of ‘Laijare’, the title track, new video “Ke garu” has just been aired in the media.

In particular and not surprisingly, Hemanta Rana has yielded the highest number of nominations of any artist this time around, with seven category overall. Hemanta’s second album “Laijare” has been nominated for seven different categories creating a history including Best album of the year, Best song of the year, Best pop vocal performance male, Best composition, Best arranger, Best music video of the year,Best music video director of the year.

Source: Fursad.com

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