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Gopal Yonzon is a one of the most prominent music composer, director, lyricist, singer and music arranger in the history of Nepali music. Gopal Yonzon has over 2000 musical compositions to his credit, ranging from folk, classical, modern to western music.

Gopal Yonzon was born on August 26, 1943 in Darjeeling. Initially, he specialised as a flutist for local Darjeeling cultural troupes. He had a BA degree in South Asian Music. He moved to Nepal from Darjeeling where his musical genius bore rich fruits and led to the creation of some of the best Nepali music. His elder brother Karma Yonzon is also a well-known Nepali musician.

In a brief introduction of Gopal Yonzon on an album cover, Music Nepal, the largest music company in Nepal, writes: "Gopal Yonjan is a music composer, director, lyricist, singer and music arranger, who left us all in May 1997. In his search for excellence, Gopal dedicated his entire life in creating Nepali Music. Though his compositions he illustrates the diversity and beauty of Nepali music with the sensitivity and clarity of a fine painter who touched every stroke with an in-depth understanding of his subject. Gopal's musical genius covered such a wide spectrum that it is not possible to encapsulate the essence of the man in one album. Gopal felt deeply for Nepal and Nepali people. His songs reflects this deep innate bond that he believed would touch a common chords in all Nepalese scattered around the world, transcending man-made barriers and boundaries. His songs hold message especially for the youth of Nepal whom he desire to inspire and motivate."

Some of his memorable songs include Malai Maaf Garideu, Galti Hazar Hunchha, Ai Malai Maya Garne Haru, Kehi Chotley, Lau Suna Ma Bhanchhu, Chumera Pana Bhari, Yeti Chokho, Samhala Ghumtoharu, Jeevan Ko Harek Mod Ma, Timro Jasto Mutu Meropani, Sara Din Arulai, and Birsera Pheri Malai Na Hera.

He was associated with numerous stalwarts of Nepali music in his career such as Amber Gurung, Chetan Karki, Nati Kazi, Narayan Gopal, Nagendra Thapa, Aruna Lama and Udit Narayan Jha. His musical collaboration with Narayan Gopal in the 1960s produced some of the finest music in Nepali.

Gopal Yonzon also composed music for Nepali films like Kanchhi and Maya Preeti.

Source: Wikipedia.com

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