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Deepesh Bhattarai is one of those few singers in Nepali pop with a voice that can be hoped to stay in business for a long time. He had made a good start too. His debut album Hosh Harayapani is doing better than what the producers and even the singer himself had expected. Even though its initial sales figures were not all impressive, with the broadcast of the music video of a Gopal Yonjon remake Malai Maf Garideu, it began to enjoy the steady climb up the chart.

Malai Maf Garideu, the remake, was a classic example of poor treatment to a wonderful melody in terms of music arrangement. However there could be no complains for Deepesh's vocal performance in it. That song and Hosh Harayapani, the title song has helped Deepesh make an impressive entrance in the music scene.

Deepesh is a typical Kathmandu kid. He was born and was raised in Lazimpat. He finished his schooling from Martyrs Memorial and joined Saraswati Campus, where he studied till B.Com. And like most of them, he also joined a band ? Infernal. The band could not do much in Nepali pop. However, it did have one album out ? Adhuro Sapana, and an award in its belt ? Tuborg Music Awards.

While he was doing bit of singing here and there and was still involved with Infernal, Deepesh applied for a scholarship in classical vocals in India through the Indian Embassy. Three years back, he got a three-year scholarship with Gandharva Mahavidhyalaya, from where he has just finished Madhyama Purna in classical vocals. In between his academic training, he took a break, came back to Kathmandu and recorded Hosh Harayapani which was released in December 1999.

Source: WeLoveNepal.com

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