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Profile | Dhiraj Rai

Dhiraj Rai started his musical journey way back in 1990 when he recorded his first song 'Luki Luki' and has 11 albums to his credit so far. ‘Priyasi 1’ (2047), ‘Priyasi 2’ (2049), ‘Priyasi 3’ (2051), ‘Timra Nayan’ (2053), ‘Girl Friend’ (2055), ‘Parivartan’ (2057), ‘Suzana’ (2059), ‘The Best of Dhiraj Rai’ (2060), ‘Prithak’ (2061), ‘Freedom’ (2063), and ‘Star’ (2064/65).

The sometimes lovable and sometimes very controversial singer has also two books to his credit, ‘Pop Ma Biteka 15 Barsa’ (written in 2005), ‘Ke Ho Pop Sangeet?’ (2007). Dhiraj Rai is currently working on his new album and has been rather busy with performances!

Irrespective of what is written and talked about him, he seems to like living life on his own terms by doing various other things besides singing. Whether its writing books or making documentaries, he surely knows how to play in the hands of the media and in turn the media love him for his sometimes outrageous remarks and sometimes downright simplicity.

Source: Fursad.com

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