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Date of Birth May 2
Place of Birth Bhinchhe Bahal, Lalitpur-7, Nepal
Profession Music Arranger, Singer, Performer
Managing Director - Royaltone Records Pvt. Ltd
Education Bachelor of Commerce
Sex Male
Marital Status Married
First Song Chodi Gayo Priya
First Concert City Hall (1988 AD) (2045 BS)
Recorded Songs More than 250
Program More than 275
Solo Program Deepak's Night in Hong Kong (2002)
World No Tobacco Day Mega Event by Deepak Bajracharya Live (2003)
Deepak Bajracharya Performing Live in Pokhara (2003-2004-2005)
Deepak Bajracharya Live in Patan (At Patan Durbar Square)
Let the Children Walk (Presented by Dr. Ashok Baskota)
Deepak Bajracharya Live in Unplugged 2004 (At Royal Nepal Academy.Ktm)
Ma ra Mero Guitar (At Malla Hotle)
Deepak Bajracharya Live in Biratnagar (2005)
Deepak Bajracharya Live in Bal Mandir (Bal Mandir)
A Close Encounter with Deepak Bajracharya (At Patan Durbar Square)
Combine Concert With Lucky Ali (At Dasrath Stadium Kathmandu and Pokhara)
With 1974AD (ICON 2003 At.Ktm and Hong Kong)
With Rovin & Lujaw And Mongoliyan Heart (At Dasrath Stadium. Ktm)
With Ram K Dhakal and J Rajani Kant (At Japan)
With Indra Gurung (At Japan) etc.
Nominated Ow Amira (1997) (2054)
Maitighar, Sunsan (1998) (2055)
Samaya (1999) (2056) Award Winner
Timi nai Timi (2000) (2057)
Andyaroma (2002) (2059)
Ritu (2004) (2060)
Jhumi Jhumi (2005) (2061 BS)
Bhannai Sikina (2011) (2067 BS)
Performer Awards Hit's FM Best Male Vocal Performance 1999AD (2056 BS)
Millenium Award Best Music Video Award 2000 AD (Timi Nai Timi)
Aaha Pop Music Best Male Vocal Performance, 2003 AD (2060 BS)
Taal Music Award Album of the Year 2003 AD (2060 BS)
Icon 2003
Brand Ambassador For Bagpiper Whiskey
Kodak Film
Samsung Electronics
World Link Communication
Anna Lifan Motorcycle
Popular Hit Songs Kali Kali Hissi Pareki
Oh Amira
Katti Baschau Maitighar Ma
Bitisake Pachi Pharkera Aaudina (Samaya)
Andyaroma Chaunchau Timi
Ju Ju Na Na (Maya Ko Dorile)
Jhumi Jhumi

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