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As the age old Nepali proverb translated means something like this – ‘those wishing to learn to ride a horse is bound to fall once’, but the fact that not giving up on it, would ultimately lead him to achieve his/her goal. Just because you have not succeeded at a couple of attempts does not obviously mean that one drops the idea altogether. ‘Try, try and try till you succeed’ and this is very evident from a singer who had managed to create some sort of a rave about several years back. The name is Bibash Paudel. It was in the year 2003 that Bibash had stepped into the music industry with his debut album, ‘Face’, released under the banner of The Rebel Cration. Though the single from it, ‘Eaklopan, and Maya’ was a massive hit, the album as a whole fizzled out into obscurity. Having being disappointed for a while and disillusioned with the ‘politics’ in the music industry but never the person to give up on his dreams, Bibash intends to soon prove his critics wrong. He scheduled to release his second venture, ‘Grantha’ under the banner of The Rebel Creation.

Comprising of Ten singles in total, those composing songs on it include Sugam pokharel, Bhupendra Khadka, Shyam Aryal, Tsujil Karmacharya and Bibash himself. Currently working on the music video of 'Maun Premi and Timi Gayau', scheduled to hit the small screens in two weeks time, Bibash has been real busy those days for its promotions. At a recent conversation with us here at fursad.com, Bibash mentioned that he was confident in ‘Grantha’. He further elaborated that he had had some experience and had rectified some of the mistakes committed on his earlier album with a few changes here and there. Here’s wishing this promising talent all our very best.

Source: Fursad.com

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