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Babu Bogati was interested in dance and music since his childhood. He has been singing on stage since the age 14, and along the way, he also got involved in acting, dancing and modeling. A thoroughly rounded artist—a triple threat, if you may—he is currently concentrating on his music career. He is busy promoting his new album.

When asked what he would be doing if he were not involved in music, Bogati reflects the strains of the times and says it would be a choice between joining the army and going abroad. In the meanwhile, Nepali music is lucky enough to retain young and talented artists like Bogati. He feels happy that even amidst the chaos that is contemporary Nepal, many new artists and bands are coming up. People should have absolute devotion to their art; they should know everything about that particular field and get trained and gain the necessary knowledge, he says. It would be very sad if an artist had to stop making music because of a lack of the same knowledge.

Babu Bogati thinks that the rewards were a long time coming—he has worked hard for 6 years to get to where he is, and things look good. The Nepali music market, although confined to large cities and towns, is still a growing industry. The recording facilities live up to the expectation of the customers, and the industry as a whole is growing. Babu Bogati composes his own songs in order to reach his audience in the most intimate manner, and when he is recognized in the streets for that, he doesn’t fret too much, but takes it as a part of the game.

Although the Nepali music market isn’t very big, and, although, ideally it should encompass the entire nation and all Nepali speaking corners and people of the world, the industry still doesn’t have an established legislature concerning intellectual property and copyrights. The artist fails to get his or her due, and rampant plagiarism hurts the creativity of the future generation of artists. When one generation of musicians and artists fail to prosper intellectually, it dulls the senses of the audience, and the audience will settle for art of an inferior quality—that is a quagmire difficult to climb out of, and a natural enemy of new talent. Babu Bogati hopes that the required legislature and interest in part of the music community will bring about the necessary change. In the meanwhile, he continues to create beautiful songs for his beloved audience.

Source: Nepalisite.com

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