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As we’ve seen that as a band, its hard to last long even in the western culture. The only band THE AXE is an established name in the Nepali music field. About 20 years of music journey is not a short period. This is a story about attitude of course- a story about 2 founder member (Shiva Sunuwar (Mukhiya) and Surendra Shrestha) and later on joined by Sarad Shrestha and Ramesh Gyawali who formed a band in rahaira raharma (hawataalma), without any solemn commitment, never thought they would come out with their great songs, music with real honesty and passion, and of course making history.

The band started as a garage band in the year 1992 and was officially established in 1993, and gave their very first album “Dhunwa”. In 1995 the band gave their second album in market “Farkera Herda”. The same year a band member Ramesh Gyawali left abroad for his studies. However, it was difficult being a 3-men band at the time because the album “Farkera Herda” was not the taste of 3 men’s alternative sound, as it gives the taste of folk flavor. The same album introduced the name of the band in the Nepali music field as their song “Chiya Barima” and “Pallo Dada” went the smash hit. Therefore, it was not easy to play the same old sound according to the hit album. The leftover members decided to form the 3 man’s band.

The band member rehearsed a lot in their hometown, with Shiva taking control over the bass as well. Then after a long break the band came up with the third album “Majhi Dai” (2000). The album was a mixed taste of hard rock and southern rock flavor, and show 3 men’s excellent teamwork. The album was mainly highlighted for their live performances on stage. This really worked and the album earned them a real good name in a “high-voltage live band” category indeed. After 2 years, band came up with the album “A Decade”, a perfect blend of rock ballads, southern rock and folk-rock fusion as well. The album contains 8 tracks (including their old hit number Chiya Barima (3 men style version). As the track “Thado Zaane Ukalo” is a perfect example of blend of funk and our own bhote cello. A beautiful number “Praya” done in one simple acoustic guitar is a great TV channel hit, including “Lukna Deu” (nominated twice in FM Awards and Video Music Awards), “Ma Aaudaichu”, etc.

The collection album “The Very Best of The Axe”, which compiles the best selected numbers from the past (1993 to 2003) definitely proved to be the best selling album in 2003. In the year 2006, the band came up with the new album titled “Kammasakka”. All the 8 number’s in the album hit the television and radios of Nepal in that time and the song “Euta Chithiko” was nominated in various music awards. The band was performing various live concerts in different part’s of Nepal and India. With the huge demand from abroad Band gave hit live performance in Hongkong on September 2007 and in Australia (Sydney and Melbourne) on September 2008. In the year 2009 the lead guitarist Sarad left the band due to his own personal reason. In the year only founder member’s were left in the band. Due to huge demand from Nepalese community in Europe, Siddhartha join in the band as contract guitarist for short period and the band gave the hit live concerts in Denmark, Germany, France and Switzerland on Dec 2009- Jan 2010.

It was so difficult to continue the band with only two members in it. Band decided took two permanent new members as Guitarist in it to give the different taste in the market. So, two new members Binod Bogati and Bishal Gurung join the band on Dec 2010. Due to high demand and busy schedule of the band member’s, band also decided to appoint it’s member Binod Bogati as the manager of the band.

Shiva is a music arranger by profession and also a music director. He's an owner of a professional recording studio named CHROMATIC SOUND PVT. LTD. and now he works as a sound engineer as well. Surendra is involved in restaurant business; he's an owner of a beutiful restaurant named NAMASTE CAFE with live band every night which is in Thamel, Kathmandu. Bishal Gurung is also professional music arranger and working in various recording studio as freelancer arranger. Binod Bogati is also well experienced guy having experience of more than ten years of his works as a professional guitarist and he is also working in China Southern Airlines, Kathmandu as a Station Supervisor.

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