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Having 2 brothers and 3 sisters as siblings, Avinash Ghising was born on 17th Chaitra 2038 at Ghising Tole, Ward no 5, Thulopakhar VDC, Sindhupalchowk. In 2054, he completed his schooling. He learned to write Thankhas when he was in class 8 and he considered his father, Laxman Ghising, being a good teacher for this.

‘I used to run out of school with my friends to paly marbles and ferry on busses that used to ply Sindhupalchowk to Kathmandu route. During summer, we used to bunk our school and go to riverside for sunbathing (particularly swimming). We used to run to the theatres and our teachers used to run after us for several times. Where there was my naughty side, I used to give my hands in household activities. I used to go around woods and collect timber for fire and grass for cattle.’ Abhinash.

Avinash who never stood on stage came to Kathmandu in 2054 for his studies. At that time, he joined Thanka painting. Then his encounter with music happened during deusi and bhailo. Eventually, his interest for guitar woke up and soon learned basic guitar chords enough to accompany his singing. After 3 months of hangouts, the guys brought the idea of forming a band. Not a serious though, but the playful music involvement took a serious turn.

Born to Pasang Dolma, Avinash came to Kathmandu in 2054 and formed a band ‘Young Blood’ when he used to live in Baneshwor. In 2057, he released his debut album ‘Chyangba’. The album that was forwarded in the music fraternity with the promotional video for the song ‘Ramdai Jhumdai’ did not make a success. ‘During those days, recording was not as easy as today. I have really toiled hard to make it happen. Time management was the biggest challenge for me. Taking tuitions, Thanka painting and recording used to make my day a hectic one. I have worked up to 12 in the midnight too and when I used to return, it was another challenge for me. I still remember those days when I had to sleep with empty stomach too.’- Abhinash

Later in 2059, he reappeared with another album ‘Generation.np’ from which the songs like ‘Maile Timilie Abala Samjhe’ and ‘Cops Dai’ good radio coverage. With encouragement gained after his hit, Avinash released another album titled ‘Next Generation’ and the then teenagers quite really liked the song ‘Bad Boys’. In 2061, he brought another album ‘Zero Point’ and people started to recognize his talent and started to hum his sings like ‘Lashako Chiso Le’, ‘Dhan ko Baala’ featuring Ram Chandra and ‘Taha Paye Timro Bani’ featuring Anjila Gauchan. In 2064, ‘Hill Area’, another album broke the silence for his fans call for another album. Only after this hit, Abhinash received invitation from abroad. Since then, he has toured around Isreal, Qatar, Europe, Singapore, Dubai and UK. In 2066 and 67, he ‘Kairan’ and ‘Best of Avinash Ghising’ respectively lined up as another albums in his discography. For the first time, Avinash released his video album. Now in 2068, he is bringing out ‘Son of Himalaya’.

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