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Singer/songwriter Astha Tamang-Maskey is an aspiring young new talent rising in the Toronto independent music scene. Originating from Nepal, she comes to the table with a charismatic persona and a unique sound backed by her acoustic guitar. Having been continuously songwriting since the age of 14, Astha now has an array of songs which all hold meaning and speak of a deep truth.

Graduating from the Independent Music Production program at Toronto’s Seneca College (2008), she developed the necessary skills to begin her career as an Independent artist. She has performed at numerous Toronto music venues such as the Smiling Buddha, the Reverb, Holy Joes, the Horseshoe Tavern, Tranzac and the Opera House to name a few. She has also performed at multiple music festivals in Nepal such as Fête de la Musique, the Chevrolet Miles Music Festival and the Himalayan Blues Festival.

When given the opportunity to travel back to Nepal, she took advantage of it, and released a Nepali debut album, “Sabai Thikai Huncha” in January 2009 (Kathmandu). Independently released by Astha, the album is a mix of acoustic, live and electronic music, with 1 English and 7 Nepali songs co-written by Astha and her mother Susan Maskey. Working closely with Astha was a 22 year old production genius named Rohit Shakya who brilliantly produced all the songs on the project. Also featured on the album are prominent Nepalese musicians such as: Rizu Tuladhar (Looza) on bass, Abishek Bhadra (JSC Trio) on keys, and Prazol Raj Kanskar (Looza) on drums.

Her first radio single off the Nepali album, “Gotta be love” received a significant amount of plays charting at number 1 on the Nepalese FM stations. Her second radio hit, “Jhuto Satya” received a nomination for “Best Rock Vocal Performance” on the Nepalese TV-Image Award 2009. Recently, Astha was awarded the "Best Pop Female Vocalist" award at Radio Kantipur's Music Honours - 2010 (Kathmandu).

Back in Toronto now, Astha just released her debut English EP - 11:11. Young and driven, she has realized that a career in music is her ultimate passion. For one so young, her voice resonates with confidence. Astha - the name itself means to have faith, and her faith is in her music.

Source: Facebook.com

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