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Albatross was born in the year 1990 AD, when a couple of school boys from Tahachal surrendered to the call of their pin-up guitar gods and came together with rusted guitars with other old instruments to transcend the sound of the Nepali music scene. Evolved from a three man school band, it has witnessed many line-up changes, each of which has significantly influenced the music which the band creates.

Prior to Albatross, Sunny, Avaya and Max performed as ‘Apple Sauce’ covering Silverchair, Nirvana and Goo Goo Dolls, with Sunny on guitars, Max on Bass and Avaya on Drums. When Max left the country, Dipesh joined to play on drums, Nitesh came on vocals while Avaya switched to bass and Sunny stayed on guitars. Together, they became the four man line-up of Albatross. They began jamming on the songs by RATM (Rage Against The Machine) and RHCP (Red Hot Chilli Peppers) and were soon playing gigs all over town including a regular gig at Bamboo’s club. They also recorded a demo ‘Broke 17’, based on Sunny and Nitesh’s experience of being really broke during the 17th day of the month. Recorded at Sacred Sounds (which was later known as BMI sounds), the band’s first song airplay in the local FM channels.

When Sirish came on vocals, the band began to experiment with a different genre, covering songs from Pearl Jam to Third Eye Blind.. The band also recorded the song ‘Hell’s Kitchen’ for a compilation album titled ’Music Isle’. The song got a very positive response from listeners.

When Sirish also left to go abroad, Diwas and Anurag (Raag) joined the band and recorded its first demo album ‘Hi:Fly’. With Diwas’s wicked riffs and solos, combined with Raag’s uncompromising vocals and occasional raps, Albatross were successful in accomplishing the sound it needed for demo.

After ‘Raag’ and riff master Diwas both left for America, the band experimented as three-man band for a while. They were playing gigs with Inside 2 Stupid Triangles, Nastik, Brutal etc all over Kathmandu and occasionally Pokhara as well, as the underground scene started to emerge. During this phase, the band merged with Zakee and Saugar from Nastik and formed ‘Abattoir’, a metal project and recorded five demos which are still unreleased.

After Abattoir, the band remained inactive for a while until Sirish’s return to Nepal. It was then that the album ‘Jo Jus Sanga Sambandhit Cha’ happened; the band’s first venture into Nepali song writing. The songs were recorded without any intention to be released or marketed. But after its recording, the band was incredible and overwhelming. The song ‘Sacred’ won the Hits FM Award for ‘Best Foreign Song’ category that year.

However, the band went into hibernation again as most of the band members decidedt to go abroad. During this time, Sunny played with ‘Shadows’ for a while whereas Avaya started to play gigs with the band ‘The Joint Family’.

Now five years later, Sirish back on vocals, Sunny on Guitars, Avaya on Bass and new man Niraj on drums. Albatross has now come together to give the audience their second album ‘Atti Bhayo’. It is a collection of eight songs initiated by each of their musical influences, their aspirations and their interests.

As the album cover depicts, ‘Atti Bhayo’ can be expressed as ‘when emotions turn into frustration’. This is not a political album but some of the songs in the album do express social awareness. Even though the new album sounds different to the older one, the original Albatross sound does not seem to be missing. In fact, one could say that Atti Bhayo is a new matured Albatross. The band is successful in creating a new style in Nepali music writing and the songs are filled with thoughts expressed in a very radical form over all this is a new sound in Nepali music industry and no one could have done it better but Albatross.

Source: Cellroti.com

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