SHUNYA -- BY THE NAME -- This short movie revolves a story that happens in the lack of education. As the name suggests itself, it is a story of moments of silence and muteness. This movie brings various scenes (sceneries) to focus-- Rana regime period, gender discrimination in education, involuntary or forced child labour, socio-economic and political conditions in the present days, demonstrations, strikes or bandhas as a hurdle to an education. The bandhas' have become a major contributor enforcing the innocent school goers from getting access to education and school. This short movie is an attempt to tip up and picturizes the better changes in an education from hollow to the light.

The movie depicts from the then Nepal, yesteryears' Kathmandu valley to present day of Nepal capturing prevalent political strikes. The movie is an endeavour to picturize the educational silence and presents the storyline with the medium of computer, animation and visual effects in summary completed within 'FIVE MINUTES'.

Short Film

Source: YouTube

Produced by :Leela Devi Karmacharya
Editing and Compositing by:Kushal Shrestha & Umesh Tamang
Sound & Production Managed by : Kiran Kumar Shrestha
Written and Technical Direction by : Ramesh Man Shrestha
Cinematography and Directed by : Hiran Shrestha
A Mini Film Project of Hive Animation Studio


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