Pooja Singh Thakuri Rai, 17, of Saune - Sunsari is dead.

Pooja's father, Gaj Bahadur Singh Thakuri, blames Pooja's mother-in-law, Harkamaya Rai, for killing Pooja. Pooja's husband, Rumihang, blames Pooja's father Gaj Bahadur for contributing to Pooja's death. Harkamaya blames the hospitals for killing Pooja. Ranju Yadav, one of Pooja's best friends, thinks Pooja invited disaster because she was, at heart, an unhappy and lonely young woman.

Who is really responsible for Pooja's death? How does Pooja died?

The film Pooja is an attempt on exploring the answer, why does hundreds of mother dying every year? This is story about one of life's biggest and riskiest endeavors: giving birth to a baby -- being told from three different points of views.

Short Film

Source: YouTube

Written, produced & directed by Deeppak Rauniyar
Director of Photography Jyoti Keshar Simha
Edited by Tsering Rhitar Sherpa
Sound Shirish Bikram Thapa
Casting director Asha Magarati
Music Kutumba
Executive Producer Soma Lama
Chief Assistant Director Dayahang Rai

Mithila Sharma, Manoj Gajurel, Prakash Ghimire, Nirmala Rai, Ranju Jha, Ghanshyam Mishra, Ambika Basnet, Rajan Khatiwada, Anjana Bisunkhe, Aditya Gurung, Priyansa Sing Thakuri

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