Neema is a story of six years old Nepali village girl who has got dream like other normal girls, who wants to fly free like a bird in the sky, who wants to learn, who wants go to school, who wants to be happy but everything goes opposite.

Short Film

Source: YouTube

Written and Directed by: Veemsen Lama
Cinematography/Edit/VFX: Rabi Lama, Ghau Chot Production
Concept and Produced by: Jalu Sunuwar Lama
Backround Score/Flute works/OST arranged and recorded by: Indra Gurung Rainbow Studio Kent UK
Guitar works: Sooraz Gurung
Music/OST: Prashant Kerung Intake Beats
Powered by and Advisor: Creative Society UK
Make Up: Binita Lama/Sachita Thing
Narrator as Kishori Lal

Actors: Sanjila lama, Reeyaz Lama, Ganesh Lama, Samala Darai, Aiti Lama, Sachita Thing

Voice Over: Rupa Gurung Tribeni FM Chitwan Nepal

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